Bev Rodwell

Bev is the Presbytery representative for North Otago. 

After two years overseas settled in North Otago in 2004 and is restoring a colonial estate and garden.  Elder and ‘active’ volunteer in the Waiareka Weston Presbyterian Church.

Employed in the health services for over 30 years.  With the Southland District Health Board for three years as Group Manager Hospital and Community Services.  General Manager Canterbury District Health Board for five years in Older Persons Health.  Responsible for Hospital and Community programmes in the Canterbury region.  Driver of integration models of primary, secondary and private health providers – experienced at service contracting/purchasing, employee wage negotiating, human resource and strategic management.

Other management and nursing roles in Southland included Executive Director of Nursing, Quality Assurance Manager, Infection Control, and Emergency and Critical Care nursing.