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Givealittle FAQs and links to Presbyterian Support Otago Givealittle profile page

Q. How do I register my fundraiser on Givealittle?

The easiest way is to register your fundraiser under our Presbyterian Support Otago profile and click on the green ‘Help Fundraise’ button and set up your campaign.

When creating/starting a page you will be asked 'First you must decide who will receive the funds you raise' please select 'AN ORGANISATION'

It will then ask 'Search for and organisation or cause' please be very careful to enter Presbyterian Support Otago (only) so that the donations are allocated correctly.

Q. What is the benefit to linking my Givealittle page/account to Presbyterian Support Otago?

It will still be your own fundraiser, your own page done your way it will simply be linked to us so that the donations don’t have to change hands twice; from Givealittle to you, and from you to Presbyterian Support Otago. We can both track how you are going and we can also share your Givealittle campaign with our networks. It also makes it easier for people to find you on Givealittle. But the best benefit as mentioned is Givealittle will transfer your donations directly to us at the end of each month and hey, its one less thing for you to do. You will still be in the driver’s seat and be able to see exactly who and how much has been donated.

Q. Why use Givealittle

Simple, it’s easy and free! Givealittle is NZ owned and doesn’t charge any transaction fees. It’s easy for you, us and your supporters to use. Once someone has made a donation on your Givealittle page they will automatically receive a thank you and confirmation of their donation…how cool is that! It’s measurable, you can  track your donations. It is trusted by New Zealanders. It is also very compatible with email and social media so you can easily share your page with your supporters.

Q I need help setting up my profile so that it is linked to Presbyterian Support Otago?

That's fine our fundraising coordinator can talk you through it. Contact details at the bottom.

Q. How do I find you on Givealittle?

We are registered on Givealittle as Presbyterian Support Otago click here for our profile. Givealittle Member #417411

Q. Can I make a donation straight to your Givealittle page?

Yes please! Visit us on Givealittle and click on the pink ‘Donate Now’ button and processes your donation.

Q. I want to use some Presbyterian Support or Family Works imagery or logos on my Givealittle page?

Sure thing! Please get in touch with our fundraising coordinator Jasmin so we can tailor what we provide to your campaign. 03 477 7115

Find out more about how Givealittle works here

Visit Presbyterian Support Otago on Givealittle here

Q. Who do I call if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

Please give our fundraising coordinator Jasmin a call on 03 477 7115

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