Helping people back into the driver's seat

2 March 2018

Family Works has provided a counselling service to the community for many years.

A conversation with our Family Works Counsellor, Flo Clarke, provides some insight into the work that is done through our counselling services, and the significant need it meets.

"I see people from many different backgrounds and cultures. They come for a wide variety of reasons. My role as a counsellor is to be alongside people as they work on their goals, build their self-confidence, their competence and increase their self-esteem."

Sometimes it doesn't take too much, just one or two sessions are enough. Some of the work takes a longer time.

"It is not about fixing things, but being alongside people on their journey as theylearn new skills and to start believing in themselves. Sometimes this takes time to change old patterns and to integrate new learnings into your life."

Flo has clients she works with for a time and they gain confidence to move on, some may later make contact to come back again. This is never a problem.

Flo works with families, teenagers, individuals and couples. Mental health is an issue for many people seeking assistance. Depression, grief, loss, isolation, family violence, and at times suicidality, are a few of the many issues facing many of the people who use the service.

Often the work done by counsellors is not funded, and somepeople do not have extra funds to pay for this service. This does not preclude anyone from being able to gain support from a counsellor.

Payment can be a very sensitive issue for many people, and it may be that they donate to our shops, as their way of giving something back for the service they have accessed.

Flo firmly believes that everyone can be resourceful and has strengths. If people can grow these strengths in a positive way, huge changes can be possible in their life and in their relationships.

In the words of Rumi, "Life is a challenge, with moments of joy along the way".