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The Caversham Community Group which came together in December 2014 is all about harnessing their local treasures and assets; including resources, people and places to facilitate local engagement in community development projects in Caversham.

There’s about 25 regular members including a youth representative, youth workers, local businesses, community organisations, the local school, churches and residents. The group is diverse in age, ethnicity, and cultural heritage, and all share a vision of working together in the community to realise the potential of Caversham as a great place to live.

The group have worked together on various projects whilst also tackling a range of issues identified by the community.

Using community conversations and consultation at events the group have established these goals:

  • Enjoying and celebrating all the TREASURES in Caversham including resources, people and places
  • “Beautifying” Caversham 
  • Providing free events to the community in order to get to know each other and enhance the friendliness, a sense of belonging and safety in our community
  • Finding a community hub and starting a community newsletter

Some of the completed projects include beautification of local parks and the main business and community area of South Road. The group worked with the Dunedin City Council to obtain funding for more rubbish bins, more public seating, a bike rack and floral planting. The group fund-raised themselves to create a stunning mural over a wall that was previously unkempt and regularly full of graffiti. It was completed by local artists and it’s been a highlight for everyone. It not only inspires and beautifies the community but it’s also a great conversation starter among residents and visitors to the area; accentuating Caversham’s positives to the wider Dunedin community.

Other beautification includes graffiti clean ups, painting murals in the local park and providing and maintaining hanging baskets for the main business area. The group also identified a traffic safety issue and advocated on behalf of the community to have it addressed.


  • Hosted two Caversham Neighbours Days
  • Organised a Caversham Treasure Hunt and Skate Jam
  • Celebrated Matariki at Carisbrook School
  • Had Astronomy Nights
  • Launched Cavy MoveMe Map and event
  • Coordinated a Night Market

These events have built connections: highlighted the assets and resources available to the whole community, created new relationships, and installed a sense of pride and belonging. All the above events have around 250 locals attending each time.


  • Keep Dunedin Beautiful Community Pride Award 2014
  • Keep Dunedin Beautiful Taylor Community Award for numerous beautification events 2014
  • Trust Power Community Awards 2015 Regional Commendations (Sports & Leisure)
  • Mitre10 New Zealand Community of the Year 2016

Upcoming Projects

  • Setting up a bike library
  • Establishing a community hub
  • Starting a Caversham newsletter


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Contact Caversham Community Development Coordinator

Noora Frantz

03 477 7116