Community Mission

Community Mission Presbyterian aims to engage Parishes with the work of Presbyterian Support Otago. We also offer advise to  Parishes should they wish to get involved local community activities.  Our get-togethers have produced many "Oh we could help with that!" moments.

Over the last two years we have worked with Parishes in support of local events such as Neighbours Day and White Ribbon Day.  Together we have also hosted workshops on various community topics.  A highlight was the recent Alongsiders seminar in Dunedin featuring speakers Mick and Ruby Duncan.  

Parishes are also wonderful supporters of our Shop On charity shops.  Every week we receive 'yellow bags' generously stuffed with clothes and household treasures for re-sale in our charity shops.

 We enjoy getting out there and meeting with Parishes, finding ways we can work together for a more fair, just and caring community.

Contact Community Mission

Carolyn Sims

03 477 7115