All Things Money

Times are tight, bills are high, but you’re not alone. Take control of your financial situation with your choice of our services.

Choose to work alongside someone either individually or in a group setting, so you can build your confidence in making wise $$ choices about how you use and manage your money that will benefit you now and in the future

Setting financial goals and putting a money plan in place will mean you’re back in the driver’s seat, directing the financial future for you and your family.

Our team is friendly and respectful and will work with you to ensure that you reach your goals.

We offer:

  • Financial Mentoring
  • Money Mates
  • Good Loans (Community Finance)
  • Energy Mates
  • Youth Money Mentoring
  • Debt Consolidation


Good Loans

Need a ‘good loan’ to buy an asset and improve your quality of life? We provide no interest and low interest loans to people on limited incomes to buy second-hand cars, household items, education related costs or pay for medical and/or dental services.  Our ‘good loans’ can also be used to repay high interest existing debt.  Phone us 0800 477 711 or email to speak to one of our Community Finance Workers, who will assist you through the whole process.

More information about Good Loans

Debt Consolidation

Are you struggling under the burden of unmanageable debt?  Talk to our friendly team about options to help you escape this cycle of debt and put in place a spending plan that prioritises your family’s important needs first.  We have a range of debt consolidation options you can access via an ongoing commitment to working alongside one of our financial mentors.

Energy Mates

Some Kiwis struggle to pay their power bill or heat their home. EnergyMates is a free in-home energy coaching service for households at risk of energy hardship that are struggling to pay their power bill or keep their home warm, delivered by the Electricity Retailers’ Association.

During the in-home visit, our EnergyMates coaches will help your household get on the power plan that best suits your needs, give advice on heating your home in the cheapest way and on using appliances efficiently. We’ll also check your hot water and shower flow, and deliver free LED lightbulbs for instant power savings.

DCC Electricity Fund

This fund helps people living within the Dunedin city area with a grant towards an electricity account that is in arrears.  Application is by appointment only and dependent on eligibility. To qualify for this fund, you will need to make an appointment with one of our Financial Mentors to complete a budget assessment.



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