Good Loans

Fair and affordable no interest loans

Focused on Long Term Financial Wellbeing
Friendly & Community Based​

Good Loans are designed to help New Zealanders with limited incomes improve their quality of life!

Our Good Loans Advisors can help people on limited incomes apply for a no interest loan up to $7,000 to access an essential item or service like second-hand cars, car repairs, computers, new household appliances, education related costs or to pay for medical and/or dental services. We can also help people to apply for a no interest Good Loan of up to $15,000 to help with unmanageable debt as part of the DEBTsolve programme, finding solutions to high interest or unmanageable debt.

Good Loans lending terms and criteria apply.

What to expect when applying for a good-loan.

Phone us 0800 477 711 or email to speak to one of our Good Loans Advisor, who will assist you through the whole application process. For more information on eligibility and how Good Loans works, please visit

Good Shepherd New Zealand partners with BNZ to provide Good Loans, with support from the Ministry of Social Development. Presbyterian Support Otago offers Good Loans services alongside other financial support in Dunedin, Timaru, Oamaru, Balclutha and Central Otago.