Money Mates

Money Mates is all about helping individuals to learn healthy financial and budgeting skills and realising that they are not alone.

Money Mates is about having coversations with others about money.  The participants learn from and with each other - in doing so we break down the 'stigma' around money. 

Money Mates values 'peer support' not expert advice.  Participants build up networks in their communities and increase the tools in their 'financial toolbox'.

Money Mates is a peer led group, facilitated by Family Works trained Financial Mentors. Money Mates is held at various locations across Otago.

The tailored group will:

  • help you understand money, debt, financial products, loans and other money topics
  • give you the chance to hear what other people have done in similar situations to you
  • assist with access to useful information and resources
  • connect you with networks in the community.

Our next Money Mates courses are:

  • Pacifica Money Mates - from 1 August 2019 for seven weeks

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Financial mentors are available to help you set up a healthy financial plan that will work for you. Family Works Financial Mentors are trained to help you get the right support to put together a healthy financial plan that works for you, and your whanau/family.

With a Financial Mentor you will:

  • better understand budgeting, debt, financial products, loans and other money topics
  • work out a financial plan that is right for your situation
  • help you plan so you reduce any ongoing ongoing cycles of debt
  • be supported and empowered to negotiate reduced payments or generating additional financial resource.

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