Tools and support

Helpful advice, links to tools and other good stuff here.  Feeling stuck?  Call Jasmin 03 477 7115 or email for assistance.

How we can help you help us. You will have the direct support of a member of our fundraising team who can assist you with your campaign along the way, or help get it off the ground. We are here to provide support from ideas, meetings, speakers, social media, Givealittle, materials, logos, photos, templates, promotional materials, banking and payment support and thank you certificates. Once you fill in the online registration we will give you a call or you can contact us on the details above.

All your frequently asked questions in one place covering payments, receipts, Foodbank, Op Shops and more. There is no such thing as a silly question and if it's not covered here let us know.

What is Givealittle - it is a zero fees online fundraising platform providing the tools you need to share your fundraising mission with your friends, family and networks.  They can support and donate to your fundraiser securely and easily!  Because Presbyterian Support Otago is already established on Givealittle we recommend and prefer if you create your own fundraising page under our banner. You will still have total freedom and control while being sure that every cent raised and donated will get through to where it is needed as funds get paid directly to us at the end of each month, and hey its one less thing for you to do!
For everything else you want and need to know about using Givealittle click here.

Social Media tips
Social media can play a big role in fundraising – beyond simply asking for donations. You can use social media to reach more people, inspire more action and raise more money. It can be as simple as sharing your Givealittle link, sharing videos, images and inspirational stories.

  • Add a call to action - share your fundraiser on Facebook. Use active language (Click, Share, Donate Now) to get people to take action right away.
  • Make it as easy as you can for people to donate, Givealittle is a great secure way to do this.
  • Tell your story - by using photos and hashtags on your posts. We use #peoplehelpingpeople and you can too. Another good one is #helpie - a picture of yourself helping. Create your own hashtag for your fundraising campaign.
  • Keep us in the loop - we can share and like what you're up to, it may help to get the word out about your fundraising initiative.
  • Tap into existing networks – reach out to existing Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter chats and other online communities where people share common values with you. Building a relationship with one supporter can quickly turn into many.
  • Get the word out - Invite all your friends, family and workmates to like and interact with your fundraiser. Likes, comments, shares and retweets will be seen by their friends as they appear on timelines and in news feeds – effectively advertising your cause.
  • Keep your message simple – use straightforward messaging that won’t overwhelm. Show people they can be part of something big by doing something small.
  • Create an event on Facebook - If you are hosting a fundrasing event be sure to create it on Facebook it tends to have a snowballing effect.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you - Social media offers a quick way to publicly recognise those helping to promote your fundraising efforts. You might even create a  short thank you video.

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