Pack it up, Pass it on


When was the last time your clothing cared for your community? Is your house overflowing, drawers bursting with unworn clothing, shelves stacked with forgotten about knick-knacs and books? Then it’s time to pack it up and pass it on. Your pre-loved goods can do great things; pack it up in one of our donation bags and pass it on. 100% of your donation goes to supporting our community.

What you can donate

Clean, re-usable and unbroken: Vintage, retro, clothing, shoes, collectables, bric-a-brac, fabric, household items, jewellery, books, toys, puzzles, antiques. Just ask yourself 'can someone else can get use from this'?

*At this stage we are unfortunately unable to accept donations of house hold furniture, and bedding (unless new or 100% wool).

How to get started

  • Pack it up - order donation bags for you, your friends, family or work place delivered to your letter box.
  • Pass it on - donation locations, Shop on Carroll and Support Centre. 
  • We can Pick it up - if you think it's going to be worth our while then we will happily organise a free collection for bulk donations and large items.

Why not make an event out of it, get your church, school or work mates to take part and host a 'Pack it up, Pass it on' day? The more you 'pass on' as a donation, the more you help. 

What happens to your items?

100% of your donation goes to supporting our community. Your donated goods will be given to families in need, or sold at Shop on Carroll op shop. All proceeds help support our welfare and social services in Otago. Find out more.