Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving - be a little bit good and give as you earn

Payroll giving is a voluntary initiative that enables employees to make donations to charities through their employer's payroll system. So each pay you’ll know that you are helping Otago’s most vulnerable children. Payroll giving works for all involved, benefiting employers, employees and the charities they support.

Benefits for employers an easy way for employers to support their employees and the organisations that are important to them outside of work. Payroll giving supports recruitment and retention strategies and enables businesses to have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate.

Benefits for individuals & employees it's immediate, simple and rewarding. The donations you make are deducted before you receive your pay and you receive an immediate tax credit of 33% of the donation value (over $5). This means if you donate $15 fortnightly, it actually only costs you $10. All done through payroll so you don't need to keep receipts and wait to file an annual claim form to get your donation tax credit. Payroll giving means the donation and the 33% tax credit are processed at the same time as your pay. Talk to your employer to find out whether payroll giving is offered in your workplace.

Benefits for Family Works Guardian Angel as a recipient organisation*, payroll giving lowers the cost of fundraising and provides a steady revenue stream enabling us to provide ongoing support and lasting help to Otago's children and families in need.

Be a little bit good and get started today, click here for a payroll giving participation form.

Here are some helpful links for more information on payroll giving; employersemployees,  and IRD.

Or contact Jasmin on 03 477 7115 or to find out how to offer payroll giving in your workplace.

*Family Works Guardian Angel has been awarded donee status by Inland Revenue as a programme of Presbyterian Support Otago making us eligible to receive donations through payroll giving. You can check our eligibility by searching for Presbyterian Support Otago on the Inland Revenue Donee Organisations List.