The magic of the movies can make a real difference to a local teen!

Teens are often the ones who can miss out when finances are challenging.

For the ninth year running we are partnering with Rialto Cinemas Dunedin to send teens to the movies this Christmas.

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Our social workers say that in families facing financial hardship, teenagers can often feel left out of Christmas festivities and summertime social events.

We invite you to help us buy movie tickets to give to teens who may have little else to look forward to this Christmas.

Every $10 donation will provide the ideal gift for a teen this Christmas. It means a young person can join in when invited out by friends, or even initiate a movie outing in the holidays.

We’ve seen the positive effects this campaign has had on vulnerable teens. Social workers have said “the experience is invaluable - teenagers are getting entry into all those conversations that happen after the holidays about the latest blockbuster, and this builds social empowerment and inclusion.”

During our 2022 campaign, over 330 teenagers were given the opportunity to go to the movies, and we would love your support this year! Your donation will give a local teen a sense of belonging and give them something to look forward to this summer.

All donated funds will be used to purchase movie tickets, and our Family Works team will distribute the tickets.

Rialto Cinemas Dunedin support this campaign by donating discounted tickets. Thank you to Rialto for your support!

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If you encounter any difficulties donating online, please call us on 03 477 7115 and we would be happy to receive your donation over the phone.