A Small Gift Makes a Big Difference

Gift-giving is an important tradition during the Christmas season for many; it is a way
to demonstrate care between friends and family and is the source of smiles on the faces of many children.

The giving of gifts is something that can be a challenge for many families, because of the strain it can bring to a budget that is already extremely tight.

Our Family Works team is particularly busy over Christmas, making sure that food parcels and suitable gifts are distributed to those in need across the region. This year is no different from last year, and the challenge we face is to make sure Christmas is a time of joy and celebration for all.

There are many ways you can make a difference to the lives of people in your community. Some of our supporters enjoy the opportunity to shop and purchase toys and presents, and for others, a financial donation, a voucher, or some food items are a more practical way to show support and to make a contribution. Every gift and donation
is very much appreciated by Presbyterian Support Otago, and by those who
receive them.

The giving continues right up until Christmas, right across the Otago region. In mid-December the gifts begin to be distributed to families who we are working with, along with a Christmas food parcel.

For some families this is the first time in many years where there have been gifts in the home.

We are very grateful for all donations whether this is financial, time or a consumable donation. Thank you for your generous support in 2019.

We wish you, and all our wonderful supporters, a very happy Christmas and holiday season.

Merry Christmas, from Jude