A Traitor in our Midst

Visitors are a vital part of Elmslie’s community and are welcome at any time!
No one knows where she came from – but from the day she arrived at Elmslie she knew she had landed on her padded feet. The sleek black cat made friends quickly - with one resident in particular bringing her such joy. However, upset was to come when the feline’s affections briefly wandered to another resident - and so the meandering moggy was called a traitor. It stuck.

Traitor has been part of the heart and soul of Elmslie since she rubbed and purred her way into the lives of its residents 15 years ago. Although her original best friend, Madeleine, is no longer at Elmslie, her daughter Arna (pictured) has chosen to honour the special relationship her mother had with Traitor, by thoughtfully and generously providing funds for food and vet care for Traitor for as long as she needs.

Caring relationships are at the heart of the Elmslie community!

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