App bringing helpful info to older people’s fingertips

Presbyterian Support Otago is excited to be progressing with the development of an app that is designed to make information about the services, resources, and programmes for older people in Dunedin area accessible at the press of a button.

The app will provide links to information on topics such as where to get transport, financial advice, recreation options, volunteering and a wide array of other topics of relevance.

Presbyterian Support Otago Community Development Coordinator Adrienne Henderson explains, “The idea came from discussions with older people who have an array of topics they are wanting to find information on, but sometimes it is a challenge with new technology to know where to begin.”

“What used to happen where people would chat with others at the corner dairy, sharing all sort of information with each other. For example, if someone had a plumbing issue they needed help with they’d ask around and soon be recommended a plumber.”

“The way we connect has changed and the idea with this app is to make it easy for people to get to what they’re looking for in a few clicks. We’re working hard to make sure the app layout and design is simple and intuitive, so anyone can follow it.”

The development of the Dunedin directory app is being progressed in partnership with Age Concern Otago and Dunedin Public Libraries. The work has been made possible thanks to a generous grant received from GigCity Dunedin. 

Anne Buck, Information Services Supervisor at Dunedin Public Libraries, is excited about the development, “It’s very timely and a great concept to bring a number of resources together in one place. It’s going to be so useful for older people to be able to find what they need, right when they need it without outside help.”

Kristen Beardsmore, Health Promotions Coordinator at Age Concern, said the app will be welcome by many older people “Older people can find technology to be confusing and they need time to learn. We receive calls every day from older people looking for help with transport, trades people and many other requests. This app will provide simple access to this information.”

The project is now focused on confirming the content for the app, which will be built in the second half of the year. The app should be ready to be released for testing and feedback from residents by the coming summer.

‘The Gateway App’ has been suggested as the name for the new app, but the jury is out on this suggestion. The project team would welcome public suggestions on a name for the app.

Feedback and questions about the directory app, or name recommendations, can be directed to Adrienne Henderson on 03 477 7115.

Pictured above (from left) Anne Buck, Adrienne Henderson and Kristen Beardsmore