Are you a little bit good?

28 November 2016

Thank you to everyone who signs up as a Family Works Guardian Angel this Christmas. You’re helping us to support Otago’s children and families in need to make lasting change in their lives.

You are doing so much for just a $1 a day.  Your gift means we can support families in ways that make a real difference in their lives - social work, counselling, budgeting advice and programmes like the Buddy Programme, Grandys Group, Growing Taller, YouthGrow, Stepping Stones and many others.

How does your donation help?  Meet a few of the families* we are helping now to make positive change in their lives. 

  • Orange family - Dad is working hard on the minimum wage to provide for himself and his daughter. He often goes without so his daughter can enjoy opportunities many kids take for granted, like school camp. We’re providing social work, occasional food parcels and budgeting service.
  • White family - Solo mum Jenny has seven children in her care, including her younger brother who has special needs.  She had to give up her clerical job in order care for her family.  Earlier this year their home was water damaged and many of the family's belongings were lost. We’re providing social work support, clothing, bedding and some personal items from our op shops.
  • Green family - Ruth is a grandmother who is bringing up her two young grandchildren. Ruth is struggling with this unexpected responsibility and really values the support she receives from other grandparents in our Grandys Group.  She is hoping to participate in the Incredible Years Parenting programme in the new year.
  • Nancy - Nancy suffers severe depression following the loss of her parents, her only family.  She felt isolated and very lonely.  Nancy now participates in our Stepping Stones programme and is gradually making connections and friendships within her own community.

* All names and some circumstances altered to protect identity