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What will 2019 bring?

As we head into a new year we can be faced with exciting possibilities and some unexpected challenges. At Presbyterian Support Otago, we value your support as we continue to work for a fair, just and caring community for everyone in Otago.

Daylight saving is just around the corner. We know the temperatures will start to be a little cooler and that this can create added stress for our families and clients.

As we have mentioned in this edition of People, more families face the very real problem of providing extra heating, clothing and food as we head into the cooler months. Knowing your children are cold and there are no funds available so you can heat the house will cause unnecessary additional stress.

We will have a higher demand on our services such as our food bank and increased requests to support what money families have each week.

The difference that even a small emergency payment can make to the overall well-being for an individual or a family is immense. We hope you will be in a position to help us. We need and appreciate your support more than ever.

Your contribution to the Welfare Support Fund will make a real difference to our families.

Thank you for helping us to work for positive change, strong families and healthy communities.

Jude McCracken

Supporter Development Manager