Becoming wise with money

Family Works has been providing budgeting and financial literacy training across Otago for the last eighteen months.

The approach our team has taken has been to work alongside the community, exploring existing needs and working with existing services. Family Works is working alongside other services to support the work they were already doing. We have partnered and co-located with the North Otago Budget Advisory Service in Oamaru, and Clutha Budget Advisory Service in Balclutha.

Nancy McMillan is our only staff member in Queenstown, and is based in the Work and Income office. There is a natural, and useful partnership and the co-location works to the advantage of the people in the community whom we are supporting.

Two Family Works team members have coordinated Money Mates courses in Dunedin, specifically for Pasefika people.

Participants have told us that it has been very useful to gain a range of tips and skills, which gives them more confidence when dealing with money matters. Being part of the group has also shown them that others face similar financial decisions, and they are not alone.

Based on this feedback, we intend to continue running a Money Mates group specifically for Pasefika people.

There has also been significant expansion in the provision of the Total Money Management service, where we have a hands on role managing financial matters for those who are not able to do this themselves. For some this support is ongoing, and for others we work with them to transition management of their finances back to them.

Our budgeting and financial literacy services complements the range of services provided by Family Works. These are all focused on helping people to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Find out more about out our Budgeting Services, Total Money Management, and Money Mates.

Pictured above: Pasefika Money Mates participants and tutors from the course completed in March 2018