Books to brighten a day

On a Wednesday afternoon Miriam Vollweiler finishes work early. It’s not so that she can head home to put her feet up. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

Miriam heads to Ross Home where she spends 2 ½ hours as the voluntary librarian. Around 100 of the 130 residents borrow books from Miriam.

“I have always had older people in my life and in the past years, one by one they have died. It has felt such a gap. In early 2016 an advertisement in the newspaper asking for a volunteer librarian at Ross Home caught my eye. This was my job! A match made in heaven for a book lover who had dreamed of being a librarian.“

“Meeting Julie, the Volunteer Coordinator, I was set to sell myself like no job interview I had been to before. I got the job! Asking my employer, Mercy Hospital, for release time was the next step. Mercy is strong on demonstrating values in the workplace and my boss’s positive response to me altering my hours is something that means a great deal.”

“Dunedin Public Library restock the items monthly and I spend 2 ½ hours a week with my library trolley meeting about 25 people each week who love books. Many of the residents read 4-6 books a week and are waiting on my arrival.”

“I feel like I have a whole world of new friends in my life and they are such interesting people with marvellous histories and experiences. It’s hard work but it’s satisfying and has become one of the most important parts of my week. No matter what other things I am juggling at work or home – when I finish my library run, it makes the world seem a more balanced place and it centres me.”

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