Building Resilience, Together

“Growing Taller was just fantastic for my son. He got a lot out of it, and his behaviour improved greatly. This course is a great first step to help kids that could go down the wrong path, or that need confidence. Thank you.” - Sophie, mother of Edward who attended the Growing Taller programme.

Jamie is seven. He lives with his mum, Tania. Tania works part-time. They don’t have any family nearby, but they do have supportive friends who help out with things like childcare.

Jamie is very anxious, he doesn’t like trying new things, and finds it difficult to interact with kids he doesn’t know. He also gets very anxious which causes him to get upset and frustrated.

Tania decided she needed some extra support to help Jamie overcome his fears. She signed Jamie up to ‘Growing Taller’,  a programme for children ages 6 – 11 which helps them change the way they see themselves, increase their self-esteem, and learn to identify, express, and manage their emotions.

After seven sessions, Jamie still has some anxiety, and still lacks confidence when he tries new things, but, because of the techniques he’s learnt at Growing Taller, he’s becoming more confident and more willing to try new things.

Programmes like Growing Taller can’t be run without support from people in our community. Thanks to support from generous people like you, families like Edward’s and Jamie’s can receive the support they need which strengthens their family and meets their individual needs.

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