Community generosity has plenty of puff in Wanaka

4 September 2017

Enliven staff in Wanaka decided to organise a fundraiser to buy a portable oxygen concentrator to share between Elmslie House and Aspiring Enliven Care Centre.

Thanks to a generous community response, over $12,000 has been raised, which means both facilities now have their own portable oxygen machine. As a bonus, there are still funds left over to spend on other equipment to enhance the lives of residents.

As soon as staff announced they would hold a quiz night, people started making donations. The family of a resident of Aspiring Enliven contributed $1,000 and some large donations came in from local businesses.

Upper Clutha Hospice Trust contacted Aspiring Enliven Manager Jacqui Boylen, offering to pay for the second machine. Each oxygen concentrator cost $4,600.

A crowd of 120 people turned up for the fundraiser, and they were kept entertained by Wanaka Quiz supremo George Smyth. A number of items, donated by local businesses, were auctioned off and used for the raffle.

Jacqui said, “These machines will make a significant difference because they are portable. This mean residents can go out shopping or on longer journeys with their families.”

Staff were thrilled to see the portable oxygen concentrators turn up a week after the fundraiser. They are now deciding what other equipment to purchase for the homes.