Duke of Ranui

He arrives like clockwork with his ‘mother’ Leigh, and leaving her to Manager’s duties in Ranui’s office, he heads off to his special assignment.

Through the warm and lively corridors of Ranui in Alexandra, Duke forgoes the temptations of the dining room, the activities (that would surely yield something to chew) and passes up morning TV in the lounge to arrive at the dementia care rooms for duty. To get through security, he presents with a wet nose, soft coat and wagging tail – impossible to fake!

Being an animal companion at Ranui is a serious business with many residents to visit. But Duke is up to the task - melting their hearts and reminding them of family pets and happy times. Playing chase outside on the lawn until he flops down under a shady tree in the lovely garden is hard work. Sitting quietly at the feet of a resident rubbing his tummy is special for them both. Some things make for healthier, happier living, no matter what your age – and Duke is just two years old, with many years of sharing his furry joy to come.

Winter People magazine 2021

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