Enliven voices on the airwaves

22 August 2017

You may have heard some new and exciting Enliven advertisements on a series of radio stations across Otago this month.

After Enliven was awarded the ‘Most Trusted Aged Care Brand’ earlier in the year we wanted people to hear about the range of brilliant services we offer in our eight Enliven homes, and why they can trust us to care for themselves or their loved ones.

At Enliven, our people and service are at the core of everything we do. Our new campaign reflects this, and what better way to tell the story then with our staff and customers’ experiences at Enliven.

Three of the Enliven team from Ross Home (Michelle Marsh, Jacqui Walker and Rachel McKean) reflected on what makes their roles so worthwhile. They visited the recording studio to share a little but about why they enjoy coming to work every day, and their comments have been included in the radio adverts.

Radioadrecording sml

Listen out for our Enliven adverts on a station near you.

As we say in the ads, you’re invited to experience it for yourself at Enliven!