Generous donation makes an impact in Central Otago

At this time of the year Family Works is preparing to support over 220 families across Otago, helping to make sure they can have a Christmas season to celebrate.

Support for families doesn’t just happen at Christmas, and the contribution made by the local community is a really important part of the work we do.

We receive donations and gifts from individuals and businesses across Otago throughout the year. Those who give to us want to make a difference and to do their bit to support local families and the local community.

Four Square Clyde owners Sharon and Brent Omond are one couple whose generosity has made a real difference in Central Otago.

After they took ownership of the store earlier this year they made contact with Family Work and have donated a significant quantity of goods which we’ve been able to distribute to those in need in the community.

Sharon explains, “When we took over the store we had a wide range of items in the shop. Some of these where items that we were not going continue to stock in the shop.”

“Donating the items to Family Works was a great way for us to give back to the community and to clear the store and create space for the items we will continue to sell. It’s a winning combination for everyone and it is wonderful to know that these items have been able to be used to help families across Central Otago.”

Family Works Team Leader Stewart Hawkins expressed his thanks for the donation, “Sharon and Brent have contributed a significant donation through the Four Square shop in Clyde. Their generosity has already been shared with many families in Central Otago, and the difference these items made is simply incredible.”

“On behalf of the Central Otago team I want to thank Brent and Sharon, and everyone who selflessly supports our work in many different ways.”

If you'd like to talk with us about how you can support the work we do email or Visit our Donate section.