Growing Great Youth

YouthGrow is one of our Family Works programmes in Dunedin, providing an environment where young people grow and learn, based in a working plant nursery.

At YouthGrow’s 2019 graduation ceremony, Liam was asked if he’d give a speech, and he said ‘yes’.  He took the opportunity to tell the audience about the things he’s learnt at YouthGrow so far, and what he hopes to achieve in the future.

Liam has been attending YouthGrow for nearly two years. During that time he’s worked on achieving a number of goals, including sitting for and passing his Learner's Licence – the first young person in YouthGrow’s recent history to do so.

He has been gifted a motor scooter which he uses to get to and from YouthGrow, go to the beach (a favourite pastime), and to do jobs for his parents. Liam’s so proud of his achievement that he wears his licence on a lanyard around his neck.

Liam takes being at YouthGrow seriously and has promoted himself to be the leader of his small group where he mentors other students, making sure they’re doing jobs right, and that they’re following the rules they all agreed to.

Liam takes part in a wide range of activities at YouthGrow, from building park benches for participants at Club Enliven Dunedin, preparing meals for sharing with others at YouthGrow, to enjoying the natural environment around Dunedin.

Liam hopes to complete some NCEA unit standards this year, and is working with YouthGrow staff to find work in a café.

At YouthGrow, Liam is becoming work-ready and life-ready. He’s learning the skills that will help him find his place in the world, and make a contribution to his community. Liam is proud of what he’s achieved, and he’s excited about his future.

That is what YouthGrow is about: finding what people are good at, discovering what their passions are, and supporting them to succeed. Liam is proof that YouthGrow ‘grows great youth’!

If you’d like to support Liam and other young people like him, please tick the appropriate box on your donation form.

Or, you can visit YouthGrow at their nursery at 146 Norwood Street, North East Valley, Dunedin, or at their stand at the Otago Farmers Market. All proceeds from sales support YouthGrow programmes and activities.