Hands up for help

When life is full of challenges, and the way forward seems unclear, it can be the helping hand of others that brings clarity and direction.

Sally* was one of the many people who has come to us for support. Working alongside a Family Works financial mentor has made all the difference for her.

With a little support from someone outside her situation, providing a different perspective and some tools and advice to help tackle the challenges she faced, Sally’s outlook was soon very different.

Many people like Sally value the help they received from our Family Works team. We’ve worked with almost 3,000 people across Otago in the last year. Feedback from them includes:

  • Having your advice was like having Mary Poppins come in and wave her wand at my bank, and life, and help me to get back on my feet again. I could not say enough good things about this service. Sometimes you just need someone to listen and to guide you. Thank you!

  • I’ve felt very supported, guided and given hope for a safer better future. You gave me confidence by showing me the actions needed to have strength and hope for a new future and career.

  • I found dealing with our finances so stressful that I would just try not to think about our situation. You helped me sort it all out. I saw that we are not really in a bad way financially, and I just needed to make a few changes in my spending habits.

Our thanks to everyone who contributes to our work. Your support means we can continue to create the ‘Mary Poppins’ moments that make a lasting difference in someone's life.