Knitted toys are made with love

1 May 2017

Marie Myhill has called St Andrews care home in Dunedin her home for the last eighteen months. Since moving in she has fallen back in love with old hobby, knitting.

“I was taught by my sister to knit and used to knit clothing for the children. After moving into St Andrews the carers encouraged me to get back into knitting. I’m knitting every day now.”

Apart from items for her great-grandchildren, Marie doesn’t knit as much clothing these days. She has taken her hobby to the next level and picked up patterns for knitted animals and toys. Maree is enjoying the creative challenge.

“I can usually make an item in around a week. I’ll do everything myself so I do the knitting and then sew it all together. It’s such a great sense of achievement when you see a finished product and it’s something you made. My favourite items so far are the rabbits.”

Word has spread about the knitting that Marie has done. She has sold knitted items to other residents and some of the St Andrews staff who are keen to purchase them for family.

Before last Christmas Marie knitted a bunch of small Santa’s that held a candy cane. For Easter she knitted chickens holding small Easter eggs.

“Each Saturday my great niece comes to St Andrews and picks me up. We go wool shopping and make sure we purchase all the items I need for my current projects. I’m really enjoy it and I am so pleased that knitting animals and toys has become part of my week.”