Knitting keeps Noelene busy

9 May 2017

St Andrews care home (Dunedin) resident Noelene Perkins spends time each day relaxing in her sunny room with knitting needles in hand.

Knitting is something she has done for many years, after she was taught to knit at a young age by her mother.

“My sister was the sewer and I was the knitter in our family. I knitted for my husband and children and spent some years knitting items that were sold in the local craft shop in Milton.”

Noelene had to put down her knitting when she broke her arm, and didn’t think she would be able to begin knitting again.

She picked up her needles 18 months ago, after a physiotherapist suggested it would be a good step in her recovery.

Noelene began knitting again with scarves and rugs and hasn’t looked back. Recently, she has begun to knit woolen singlets and booties for infants. The items are for Dunedin Pregnancy Help, who pass them on to families to keep their babies warm.

“The wool is provided by Pregnancy Help and Presbyterian Support and this makes all the difference for me. I really enjoy being able to knit again.”

“I’m able to knit a singlet most weeks and am so pleased to know that my contribution is making a difference for some families.”