Looking Back on the Lockdown

At Ross Home during the COVID-19 lockdown, the top priority was providing quality care for the 124 residents, while ensuring their safety and wellbeing, along with the safety and wellbeing of staff.

Because family, friends, and volunteers weren’t able to visit during Alert Levels 3 and 4, staff made sure residents could stay connected and active. Ross Home set up Zoom accounts for each of the units so families and friends could contact their loved ones at Ross. Dedicated staff in each unit helped residents log in to calls and made sure residents could see and hear their loved ones.

Movie nights were another feature during the lockdown. Each unit became a bubble, and bubbles ventured into the movie room one at a time to watch the movie, with all surfaces being wiped down prior to the next bubble coming to enjoy the movie.

Birthdays were celebrated too! Unit bubbles enjoyed a small party with the birthday guest of honour, and a special menu prepared by the kitchen staff. Families were able to join in via Zoom.

Anzac Day is a significant date for many residents, and staff went out of their way to make it a special day. Bob the maintenance man brought lots of his personal memorabilia into Ross Home and these, along with decorations made by activities staff, were used to decorate the home and meeting room. In their bubbles, residents enjoyed the displays and a special Anzac morning tea. 

Ross Home Manager, Margaret Pearce, says: “We wanted to make sure Anzac Day was special for our residents and for community members who walked or drove past the home. We were also honoured when a piper and drummer stood outside Ross Home and played for residents on the day.”

We are deeply grateful for your understanding of the need to ensure our residents’ wellbeing during the lockdown. And now that we are at Level 1, Ross Home and all other Enliven homes are delighted that visitors can now come at any time, to be with their loved ones.