Maybank Men

11 January 2016

Name fifty different models of car.  

Build a model bi-plane from just a peg and three icecream sticks.

You can see faces transform, as concentration and competitive spirits kick in.  The men of Club Enliven (Dunedin) are keen to win!   

The challenges were put together by Otago Polytechnic occupational therapy students as part of an activity programme designed for older men.

It is widely accepted that social engagement and absorbing leisure activities play a role in maintaining cognitive function in late adulthood and even in delaying or preventing dementia.  Our social programmes for older people are aimed at supporting happy, healthy living and we are very pleased to have this input from Otago Polytechnic.

The students developed four boxes of challenges categorised into mechanical, transport, sport and science fields.  These are being eagerly taken up and enjoyed at the weekly club sessions.

Club Enliven, available in North Dunedin (Maybank Lounge, Ross Home) and Alexandra (Duggan Lounge, Ranui Court), provides a vital social connection for older people living in their own homes.  Chatting about shared interests, undertaking strength exercises and enjoying a meal with friends, are just some of the activities club members look forward to on a weekly basis.

No longer able to drive, many club members need a lift to get to and from their meetings.  Could you help a few of these men with a lift to Club Enliven in North Dunedin?  If you’re interested, please call Michelle Gerwitz on 03 477 7115 for further information.  You just never know who you might meet.