Not alone in Alexandra

18 May 2016

Living alone can offer independence.  Living alone, for some older people, can also lead to isolation and loneliness.

A person's mental and physical health improves when they have contact with family and friends who care about them.  But not everyone has that support, and that's where Club Enliven, Alexandra, comes in.

Each week around 13 club members meet in the Duggan Lounge at Ranui for a few hours of conversation, activities and entertainment.

“The importance of this weekly connection can't be under-estimated,” says Enliven Director Maurice Burrowes.

“Countless research papers show that when an older person connects with others in their community, especially those with similar interests and living in similar circumstances, their quality of life improves immensely.

“Loneliness can result in depression and a general withdrawal from life, so activities and groups such as Club Enliven go a long way to moving people back into healthy independence, strengthened by connection with others in their community.”

Club members enjoy preparing and sharing a meal together, crafty activities, discussing the news, card games, guest speakers and outings to local places of interest.

“It's a service that relies heavily on volunteers to transport people to the club, and to assist staff members with activities, and we're grateful to those who fill these roles,” says Maurice.

Club Enliven is available to people over 65 years in Alexandra and Dunedin.  Enquiries to 03 477 7115 (Dunedin) or 03 448 8280 (Alexandra)