Plenty of ways to show your support

2 March 2018

A small pile of nappies, some wipes, and a dozen tins of baby food can make all the difference.

We never know what a family might need when they reach out for help. The needs vary greatly, and sometimes a small piece of practical support can be a turning point on the road to independence.

Public support and generosity for our work each day is what makes this possible. People give in so many ways. For some, a financial donation is a way to show support; for others the way they contribute is by giving what they have.

Upon return from Christmas our email inbox and answer phone included many of the messages you'd expect to hear - season's greetings, confirming when our services open again, and requests for information about our care homes.

Among these were some very special messages from people who were looking to give back to the community. Dan wanted to donate a swing set his family no longer needed. He thought it could bring enjoyment to children and be used in someone else's back yard.

One person's giving means another person, or family, can move forward.

It means the children get to enjoy experiences, like playing outside on a swing in the back yard in the sunshine.

Last year we received donations of car seats, which has enabled our Buddy volunteers to take Young Buddies on more outings. Several sewing machines were kindly donated, and our shop volunteers have put these to use repairing and recycling donated items.

Every contribution makes a difference. We receive financial donations, every week, from a community who want to be part of the work that we do.

Without these donations we could not have supported over 10,000 people last year. Thank you to everyone who gives financially.

In addition, practical gifts and donations are always well-received. While we can't accept everything, if you have a way that you'd like to show your support with a practical contribution the team would be very happy to talk with you about it.