Registered nurses join our team

Presbyterian Support Otago signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Southern District Health Board in April to pilot an Older People’s Health Nursing Development Programme.

Over the next two years a small number of Registered Nurses will work as part of our teams in Enliven care homes in Dunedin for a six month period.

The joint programme is a great way to strengthen the synergy and work that already exists between the two organisations. Two Registered Nurses will be seconded to work in our care homes at a time before the next two nurses begin their placement.

The programme supports the professional and academic development of motivated registered nurses who are already working in older people’s health and who have the potential to be future clinical leaders or managers.

Enliven Director, Maurice Burrowes, was keen to see the two organisations working more closely together, “We’re really pleased to give Registered Nurses from the SDHB an opportunity to gain experience in the aged care sector, and to share knowledge and experience with our teams. The programme will raise the profile of nurses working in the important area of gerontology.”

Regina Chand and Warinthon Baker (Mew) are the first two SDHB nurses to spend six months on placement in Dunedin, and they began working with us just after Easter. Mew is at Ross Home, and Regina is at St Andrews home, both in Dunedin.