Share the love this Christmas - by giving a lasting gift!

COVID-19 has brought additional significant challenges for families and people across Otago – with wage subsidies ending, rents increasing, and children still needing to be clothed, cared for and fed. Now Christmas and the holiday season are just around the corner – and they can bring extra emotional and financial stress for those doing it hard.

The good news is there are many ways you can help!

❀  By giving items on our wishlist of needs and wants 

❀  By donating to our Bee Card or Movies for Teens campaigns

❀  Or, you might choose to give a lasting gift – one that provides a future full of hope. When you choose to donate to our programmes, you are supporting our work with local children, families and older people to build their confidence, skills and resilience. We do this through mentoring and through support groups which we provide without charge to people facing challenges.

Did you know that we rely on donations and gifts to bring this all this help to local communities?

Whichever way you choose to support us, we thank you! We and those we serve are incredibly grateful.

If you are able to help, please consider making a donation online via our secure website.

And if you or someone you care about needs support, please reach out to us on 03 4777 116 or

For many people, this year has been the first time they have had to ask for help – and we are here for everyone, no matter their beliefs or situation.

Wishing you a safe and merry Christmas!

Jude McCracken

Supporter Development Manager