Shop on Carroll celebrating steampunk

15 May 2017

Step into Shop on Carroll between 8 – 20 May and you’ll find yourself immersed in the extraordinary world of steampunk.

Shop displays have been expertly crafted and will be installed by Dunedin Steampunk Society and the Dunedin Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers. The displays include a combination of steampunk clothing and gadgets and are a real visual treat.

On Saturday 13 May steampunk enthusiasts from both societies will be at Shop on Carroll. They will host a range of activities, like steampunk tea duelling, and interact with shoppers. The shop will be open from 9am and anyone interested in discovering a little about the world of steam punk is welcome to drop by.

A number of items of interest to steampunk enthusiasts have been donated to Shop on Carroll. Because of this, steampunk will extend beyond the shop displays with a range of items on sale in Shop on Carroll.

Shop Manager Fiona Dodds explains, “This is the second year we’ve run a steampunk series and we know the theme is very popular in Dunedin.”

“We are really grateful to the local societies who are very supportive and generous during the steampunk activity. They make our shop come alive with their creativity.”

James Bryan from Dunedin Steampunk Society said, “Steampunk becomes a lifestyle. You look at things differently and some refer to us as time travellers. Members of the society enjoy discovering all sorts of useful items in the shop. The activity at Shop on Carroll will be another opportunity for people to discover the incredible world of steampunk.”

Gina Moore from Dunedin Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers said “One of the places that Dunedin Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers members like to shop and get inspiration from is Shop on Carroll. We are pleased to support the shop with events and window displays, and are looking forward to the steampunk celebration.”


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Updated: Channel 39 ran this story on Friday 5 May about Alyss, who created one of the items on display:


What is steampunk? A sub-genre of Victorian science fiction that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th century steam powered machinery. Steampunk was something that people first got really excited about 20 years ago.

Who are the Dunedin based groups? Dunedin Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers was established in 2011 and Dunedin Steampunk Society was established in 2016. Both societies include enthusiasts who dress in steampunk and participate in a range of regular activities in Dunedin and the wider Otago area, such as welcoming guests off the ships that visit Dunedin and public workshops.

Dunedin Steampunk Society photo includes James and Helen Bryan and Jan-Lee Beecher. Dunedin Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers photo includes Richard and Gina Moore.