Street art brightens up Moray Place

2 March 2018

You don't have to look far in Dunedin to see plenty of fantastic street art of all shades and sizes brightening up the city.

The latest piece of street art to appear was added to Guthrie House in Moray Place (opposite First Church) in January. The piece is titled 'Take a Leap'.

This street art depicts three bright and joyful children jumping through autumn leaves, on a dark background. The exuberant children leaping out of the darkness represents the incredible effort shown every day by our Family Works Team.

The happy, joyful children show the outcome of the Family Works, which aims to help establish families that are strong, safe and connected.

The concept was developed by local artists Aroha Novak and Guy Howard-Smith, who have their hands behind five art pieces in the city. Aroha and Guy spent around 150 hours in January going up and down the scaffolding with paintbrushes in hand, applying over 70 litres of paint to transform the wall.

The piece was funded through a generous tagged gift from an anonymous donour, with a quiz night held to raise the remaining funds. No other donated funds have been used. Our thanks to Resene for supplying $1000 worth of paint for the project!

We reckon three new faces makes the street look pretty neat! Stop by and take a look next time you're travelling down Moray Place.