Support Club Enliven

We would welcome your help to make Club Enliven an even better venue that could expand to the outdoors!

Some of the items that would help clients enjoy the outdoors are:

  • Heavy outdoor furniture including bench seats with backs, wooden ‘armchairs’, a big wooden table.
  • Sail cloths and large sun umbrellas.
  • Raised garden beds (so clients
    can potter).
  • Bird feeders (so clients can enjoy the bird life).

In the longer-term, it would be wonderful to have the driveway smoothed out, and a shelter put up so that when it rains, clients don’t get wet as they’re moving from a vehicle to the front door.

“The staff and volunteers are fantastic. I count the sleeps ‘til
my next Club Enliven visit.”

If you’d like to support Club Enliven Dunedin make their home more homely, we’d love to hear from you.

You could support Club Enliven Dunedin by:

  • Making a financial donation
    by ticking the relevant box on
    the donation form. All funds received will go towards the
    outdoor equipment requirements for the programme.
  • Donating items that we need (please check with us first so we don’t double up).
  • Volunteering as a driver or activities support person.
  • Being an entertainer or speaker – share a talent, interest, or adventure with clients.

You can make a financial donation here, or contact