Support us when you shop

1 September 2017

Did you know you can actively support our Family Works team every time you pass through the checkout of your local Warehouse?

When you shop at The Warehouse in South Dunedin, Oamaru, Balclutha or Alexandra you will receive a cardboard token with your purchase. Simply drop the token into the Family Works slot in the red Customer Choice Bins to let The Warehouse know you’d like them to support the work we do.

At The Warehouse in South Dunedin, your token can support the Family Works foodbank. The foodbank in Dunedin handed out over 4,000 emergency food parcels to those in desperate circumstances in the last 12 months. It means families don’t go hungry when times are lean.

Shop at The Warehouse in Oamaru, Balclutha and Alexandra and your token can support the Family Works Buddy Programme. The Buddy Programme sets up connections between adult and child buddies, so that children can benefit from sharing one to two hours a week of recreation time with a trusted adult.

“We really appreciate the support that people give our programmes in a number of ways,” says Family Works Director Paul Hooper.

“Choosing to support our Family Works activities with your tokens when you shop at The Warehouse is an easy way to show your support for us.”

Six cents per token is donated to the nominated cause, so please spread the word. Every token makes a difference!