1 May 2016

What a great day it was!  More than 460 people enjoyed the rare opportunity to walk the Taieri Gorge rail line.  The sun shone, the views were spectacular and the people happy!

It was an early Sunday morning start, with the train leaving Dunedin Railway station promptly at 8:30am.  Additional happy punters were picked up from Wingatui before we set off for our destination, Flat Stream.

This was the start point for the 8km walk.  With so many people disembarking the train, those in the later carriages ran out of time to complete the walk, and were picked up at Deep Stream, the 6km mark.  The weather was starting to heat up at this point, so jumping back on the train was cool relief, although a little disappointing for some.  Onwards to lunch at Hindon.  The Dunedin South Lions Club are BBQ experts!  Everyone was quickly fed, with seconds and thirds enjoyed by many.

Onto the train again for our final leg home.  Nothing to do but sit back, sip on a wine, lick an ice cream and take in the views.  

Thank you to all who participated in this wonderful event and to all who made it possible.  

All proceeds from the event will support our youth development programmes - YouthGrow and the Buddy Programme.