Thank you for supporting Octacan 2018

Take a chance, make a change, add a little something; and you can have an impact on the life of a stranger. 

In 2008 Octacan was born as a way to help feed and support those in need throughout the winter months and up until Christmas. With each year that passed the number of cans added in the Octagon has grown to show increased support for the community.

From 4,000 items donated in the very first Octacan (2009), to over 22,000 items last year with an impressive total of almost 100,000 items donated by a very generous public over nine years.  

This year, for our tenth Octacan, the sun shone bright. A twist on a day that is usually met with rain. A winter chill seemed to keep people in beds for the early morning, but the crowds were busy and the Octagon began bustling from mid-morning once the sun appeared.

Many generous people and groups came along to fill up the eight hearts in the Octagon with donations.  Over 15,000 cans and $4,000 in cash was donated on the day, with more arriving in the days afterwards.

The total donated, as at Wednesday 27 June, was 18,500+ cans and $5,015. This means the public has donated more than 123,000 cans and food items though Octacan events over 10 years.

Family Works Practice Manager Deb Gelling said, “The community was so generous this year, and it was wonderful to see a significant number of dried food items being donated alongside the cans.”

“We see the community showing ongoing support throughout the year with donations being brought into Family Works and without this support we couldn’t do what we do.”

“For us Octacan is not just an event to collect donations to restock the shelves, but a reminder that there are people out there who need the support we can provide.  Again this year the community response to this event is simply incredible and very humbling”.

Family Works and Presbyterian Support Otago would like to express a huge round of thanks to everyone that supported Octacan 2018.

To the number of volunteers who collected cans and coins on Thursday, and those who helped us to sort and store the cans on Friday.

To all groups and individuals that showed they care by bringing along donations we say a simple, but heartfelt, thank you.