The Linen Lady makes her mark

25 January 2017

In just four short years the generosity of one lady and her TradeMe account has meant our Family Works food bank has received just shy of $23,000. This is the result of 1,200 sales of antique linen, expertly managed by Barbara Rowe, also known as ‘The Linen Lady.’

Barbara takes donated antique and vintage linen items and lovingly repairs and starches (thanks to a small team of expert helpers) so they look like new. She photographs and sells them on TradeMe, and has a very keen group of followers who are always looking at her listings with interest.

Profits from all the sales are generously donated to Presbyterian Support Otago to assist the food bank.

“I do this because I believe that everyone should have enough to eat and the demand for local food parcels has risen greatly in the last few years. The food banks are seeing people from all walks of life come and ask for help. A food parcel will often tide them over in the meantime.”

“I’ve reached 1,211 TradeMe linen sales and have maintained 100% positive feedback. I list items from April until December and when I’m not listing I devote time to cleaning, stain removal, starching and ironing. I’m constantly getting emails from people asking when my next listings will be up.”

“I really enjoy restoring antique and vintage linen so future generations can treasure and enjoy it. I have a small team of helpers from our Mornington Church and community who assist me by repairing seams and replacing stitches. One friend makes lavender bags and I include these in parcels for appreciative buys who spend a good amount buying linen.”

“People have been very generous donating antique linen and I think it’s because they know the item will be restored and treasured and that the profits go to a great cause. People now know me as ‘The Linen Lady’.”

Barbara is currently looking for donations of antique and vintage linen. If you have something that you would like to donate please call Barbara on 03 453 5882 or drop it into Presbyterian Support at 407 Moray Place, Dunedin.

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