Twenty five years of support

Ron Sinclair has spent the last 25 years forging relationships with our supporters in Central and South Otago.

Following his recent retirement, we caught up with Ron to give him a chance to say goodbye and share his story.

Presbyterian Support Otago: You started working with us in 1993 as a Field Officer. What interested you in this role?

Ron Sinclair: I had been doing some reading and thinking about the story of the Good Samaritan. It felt to me that Presbyterian Support Otago was the ‘Good Samaritan’ for so many in our community; they look after the ‘stranger’. I wanted to work for an organisation that so clearly matched with my values and passion.

PSO: As well as working for us, you and your wife also support us financially. Why is that commitment important?

RS: Initially I didn’t expect to be giving financially to Presbyterian Support Otago! It wasn’t until I really got involved in the job that I saw the extent of what Presbyterian Support Otago did, and I wanted to donate (and still do) to help enable that work to continue.

PSO: What is one Presbyterian Support Otago service that is close to your heart?

RS: YouthGrow. I believe it is possible to turn kids around at a young age, e.g. through the Buddy Programme, but to turn someone around when they’re 16 and above is very hard. YouthGrow staff are so passionate, and have so much compassion for the young people they work with, even though their job is very difficult and often can be overwhelming.

PSO: What are some of the topics you’ve talked about with the supporters you’ve visited?

RS: I’ve probably had a conversation about anything you could think of! Rugby is a common topic, along with farming, and politics. It’s great to have had the opportunity to spend time with so many different people and get to know their passions.

PSO: What are some of the highlights from your job?

RS: Definitely the people. There have been lots of laughs. I’ve also had recommended and read so many books that I wouldn’t have usually known about. The best part of the job has been the opportunity to thank people. I am privileged to have been able to thank people for their part in Presbyterian Support Otago’s work. God bless you all.