Volunteering brings five years of new friendships

23 June 2017

John Meek has been involved as a volunteer with our Enliven services in Alexandra for five years. Over this time his involvement has grown, and he’s made many friends along the way.

“I moved to Alexandra from Cromwell after my wife died, as my job was in Alexandra. I start started volunteering as something to do in the weekends.”

“Heather from Volunteering Central asked if I would consider spending time at Ranui Home talking to male residents. I was happy to do this so now I spend a few hours each Saturday at Ranui Home, chatting and occasionally taking someone out for a drive.”

“While I was there they asked if I would help at Club Enliven each Thursday so I’ve been volunteering there for about two years as well, and I enjoy it a lot.”

John calculated that he has done 500 volunteer hours over his five years at Ranui, and it is clear that the selfless hours of contribution have had an impact on John and those who he connects with.

“Through volunteering at Ranui I’ve met many great people. I befriended a man who was clinically blind and took him out for drives each week. He introduced me to his brothers and friends, who have become my friends. He passed away not long ago and I was pleased to attend his funeral.”

“Being a volunteer can be very rewarding and you have a lot of fun. I feel that if I can make somebody laugh when I talk to them, then I’ve done some good.”

Thanks John for your incredible volunteer contribution!