What does it mean to live generously?

Kate Frykberg, New Zealand Philanthropist and Community Advisor, posed this question in a blog she wrote earlier this year. As she notes, you can measure generosity in many different ways.

Kate explores an approach she calls 1234Plus, to outline a number of ways that people can show generosity.

As a number of the articles in this edition of People have explored, public generosity happens in many ways, each and every day through our work across Otago.

People donate cash and cans, which we use to provide for a growing community need. The upcoming Octacan event is a great opportunity for community generosity, and we are always so thankful for the giving that comes from the community.

Community support, and the opportunity to recycle goods and clothing, is central to the vision of our three charity shops. Our shops are continually humming with activity, from volunteers and our friendly customers.

Volunteers of all ages contribute their time and expertise in our teams. We are so thankful for almost 600 volunteers involved with our work and the countless hours they contribute is vital to the work we do. They enable us to work for a fair, just and caring community for the people of Otago.

As Kate explains when she explores the 1234Plus model, there isn’t a recipe or a set for rules for living a generous life – each of us need to decide what is right for our own individual circumstances. It's an exciting challenge and a great way to live.

Our thanks to everyone for supporting us in so many ways to work for positive change, strong families and healthy communities in Otago.

Read more about 1234+ at kate.frykberg.co.nz/1234plus