Young people with heart

10 December 2015

Four year old Max Ackland, from Dunedin, accompanied his mum, Dana, one day when she volunteered in the Family Works foodbank.

“It was amazing how quickly he understood that some children don’t have food on the table or in a lunchbox like he does,” said Dana. “Later, after he’d obviously thought about it, Max asked if he could collect food from family and friends to give to those children. Naturally we supported him.”

In just one month Max collected and delivered 170 shopping bags over-flowing with food, baking items, toiletries and toys. He has every right to be as proud as he looks in this photo.

Lara Seaton, a Year 8 student at Columba College, Dunedin, is another impressive young donor.

Every week for two years Lara has baked biscuits and loaves so foodbank families have something to put in their children’s lunch boxes.

Max and Lara are among a growing number of young people wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. How wonderful to have the support of the next generation and to know they hold such deep compassion for others.