Aged Care Covid Policies (Enliven)

Visiting Protocols in our Enliven Carehomes

Visiting Enliven homes

You are welcome to visit our Enliven homes at any time.

  • Visitors do not need to make an appointment.
  • It is very important that you do NOT visit if you are in any way unwell.
  • Visitors may be required to wear a mask, which we can supply.
  • Please ensure you record your visit in the visitor log.
  • The visit must take place in the resident’s room.
  • Visitors are no longer required to undertake a RAT test prior to their visit. They may elect to do so however.
  • If you develop symptoms of Covid-19, flu or gastro within 72 hours of a visit, please notify us.
  • From time to time some wings or units in our care homes may stipulate restricted visiting hours, when they are impacted by short staffing. Unfortunately, short staffing is an ongoing issue across the aged care sector in New Zealand.

Please note that visitors may be asked to leave if they are not wearing a mask or are showing any symptoms of illness.

Resident Outings

Outings are an important and enjoyable part of life and we want to ensure that everyone stays safe while out and about.

  • 'Attendees' includes the resident as well as any person accompanying them on an outing.
  • Attendees should be physically well and not experiencing any symptoms related to viral illness such as Covid-19, flu and gastro infections.
  • Care should be taken when socialising with unvaccinated children. Where possible, physical distancing and good hand hygiene should be maintained.
  • Destinations should be selected where physical distancing from members of the public can be maintained. Well-ventilated venues are best.
  • Smaller group outings for shorter time periods are recommended.
  • If a resident is planning to attend an event or function, please discuss this with the care home's Manager or Clinical Nurse Lead so that we can assess the risk and develop a safe plan to protect the resident and others on their return.\

If you develop symptoms of Covid, flu or gastro within 72 hours of an outing, please notify us.