Older People and Community

Survey in 2017 to seek feedback from older people living in Dunedin about their current involvement and support as they age within their community.

Summary of findings

Survey report

Dunedin poverty research

Research into poverty in Dunedin

Voices of Poverty: Has the Landscape Changed? 2011

Voices of Poverty: Can We Do Better 2008

How Much is Enough : 2003 (update)

How Much Is Enough : 2002 research 


Dunedin housing research

Out in the Cold The latest survey into the state of low-income private rental housing in Dunedin 2013

Old Cold and Costly A survey of low income private rental housing in Dunedin 2004

With My Boots On A survey of housing quality and preferences of a select group of older people in Dunedin in 2006