Growing Taller

Growing Taller is a fun, activity-based group programme for children aged between six and eleven. These children may be having a hard time at home or school; contributing to poor self-image, anxiety, lack of confidence, issues around loss and separation, and causing difficulties for them in managing their emotions.

Growing Taller provides a place for children to share and learn skills in a supportive, safe, peer environment. Children have the opportunity to change the way they see themselves, increase their self-esteem, and learn to identify, express and manage their emotions.

The programme is run each term with groups of up to eight children.


Coming programmes

Our next Growing Taller programme is beginning on Thursday 21 February and will run during Term 1.



Central Otago


Thursday 9 - 11am from 14 February 2019

Children aged 6-11

021 223 2265


Presbyterian Support Otago, 407 Moray Place, Dunedin

Tuesday 3.15pm-5.30 pm, Thursday 9.15-11 am

Children aged 6-11

03 470 0848