Incredible Years

Incredible Years is offered to parents of children aged 3-8, and focuses on strengthening parenting skills and nurturing relationships through play, attention and involvement.

Through the programme, we provide practical suggestions for parents to handle everyday family situations and strategies to help manage challenging behaviours and build positive relationships.

Incredible Years is delivered in weekly sessions over 14 weeks.

Coming up

We have a programme in Dunedin starting on Tuesday, 6 August (6.30-9pm) and some places are still available. To book or make an enquiry please email Nicola Roberts at, call 03 477 7116, 0508 396 678 or contact us here.

There will also be a programme in Cromwell in March 2025. If you would like more information please contact Megan Bopp on freephone 0508 396 678 or email


Wanaka and Dunedin

Parents of children aged between 3-8

0508 396 678