A legacy to make a difference

Sometimes when we receive a bequest we are not aware of the connection the person, or family, has had with Presbyterian Support Otago.

In the case of the Malcom family, we have had conversations with the family over the years about the bequest we were to receive from Associate Professor Donald and Mrs Margaret Malcolm.

Margy-Jean captured the relationship her parents had with Presbyterian Support Otago and Dunedin city:

Donald was a quietly innovative pioneer, amongst the first in his field as a paediatrician to be doing things like establishing specialist neo-natal care for newborn babies, leading child abuse prevention initiatives and engaging in community-focused paediatrics. He brought his skills and strengths to the Presbyterian Support Otago Board for a number of years in Ken Irwin’s time as CEO.

Margaret was a natural community builder involved in supporting strong neighbourhood connections wherever we lived, and an active volunteer in numerous church and voluntary organisation initiatives. 

We therefore feel that it would be very appropriate if their legacy was able to support the Family Works team to do some work they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to, in the community development space. We would like their bequest to help strengthen neighbourhood connections, enrich children’s lives and support parents to be the best they can be.

We thank Margy-Jean and John Malcolm and the extended Malcolm family very much for honouring the wishes of their parents and sharing with us the wonderful connection we have had with their family over a long period of time.

The Malcolm legacy will make a difference and a positive impact on the lives of our clients in Otago. We are sincerely grateful for this support.

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Pictured above: Donald and Margaret Malcolm look through their 65-year-old wedding photographs at their anniversary celebration in Dunedin. Photo courtesy of ODT.